Seoul, South Korea

Susie is traveling internationally for the first time in ages, with Rick to South Korea!

Here she is readying for a day, checking out a house in the hotel lobby that’s just her size, roaming the streets of Itaewon to ponder dinner selections (BLECH!), and with Mr. Rick himself.




Florida: Crossing the Streams

My yummy friend, Mike, sent me this photo over the weekend. Two different SOAS’s, each pointing at one another in astonishment whilst taped to his office file cabinet. I keep giggling over the thought of him occasionally looking up and seeing them there, gaping right back at him!



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

My wonderful friend Barbara called to let me know she was meeting up with Catherine, a fellow blogger and mutual kindred spirit, in Philadelphia last week – and invited me to join them. Oh, how I wish that were possible! (Insert loud, obnoxious whining here…) Alas, schedule conflicts prevailed, but I love that they brought Susie on a Stick with them!


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