San Diego, California

Yesterday, Susie went to a wedding. But not just any wedding, mind you: Elizabeth’s wedding. And that’s a super-duper big deal!!!

Elizabeth and I met online about four years ago when she lived in NYC and I was still in New Hampshire. She was the very first person to pose with Susie on this site (then took her on a lovely holiday HERE) and we met for some fun on her city turf a few months later. And, as of this week, Elizabeth and I are both from the San Diego area – just minutes down the street from one another! Oh, watch out, San Diego!!

On Saturday along with new hubby Chris, Elizabeth included SOAS in all the wedding festivities. Bless her heart!

LOOK AT THESE PICS! Don’t even know who most of these folks are, but I love them!!

Love this – love you, girl. AND CONGRATS TO YOU AND CHRIS!!!

P.S.  ‪#‎spockmeetsyoda