Ellenton, Florida (Updated!)

Kaje Equality (Bieber) Housman is one very fun Facebook friend who, this week, brought Susie on a Stick along with her while she chilled by the grill in Palmetto, Florida, mowed the lawn and then went shopping in Ellenton.

In the photo below, according to Kaje, Susie on a Stick is “SO excited to be hanging out with me. We’ve parked the car and you’re all agas to go into the GAP Outlet… but we cannot.”  (Because Kaje was on her way to work…) That’s okay – they probably don’t even have anything in Susie’s size.

Click HERE to see a larger version of the photo on the right… click on the others below to enlarge them.

UPDATE: This weekend down in Ellenton, Susie on a Stick also played cards and drank beer with the gals… such a tramp (albeit, a winning one).  Thanks again, Kaje!!!!!


At the Gap
Enjoying a Beer