Richmond, Virginia

It’s official: I’ve gone to the dogs.

Amy McCracken is an amazing writer and one of my heroes. She’s Executive Director for the Richmond Animal League, a terrific rescue organization to which unlucky animals are brought in the hopes their luck will change – and it usually does. I am a huge (clarify: H-U-G-E) fan of Ms. Amy, who today is holding up Susie next to one of the sweetest little faces I’ve seen in a very long time: Miss Kentucky.

Miss Kentucky is an adorable three-year-old beagle/basset mix.  My two boys are nearly the same age and mix as her.  And since I’ve longed for another girl in the house, I showed her gorgeous photos to Jack and Gus.  Needless to say, they were smitten.  Alas, the man I live with has decided otherwise – and I sadly informed Amy of this a few days back.  Since then, she’s been taunting me with gorgeous photos of Miss Kentucky, making me wonder if that man I live with might change his mind when he walks into the house and that sweet little thing is just… well, THERE.  You know, like all of a sudden.  And I have no. idea. how…

I love you, Miss Kentucky!!!  You to Amy… you know that.  xos

Click HERE for a larger photo.

Amy also introduced Susie on a Stick to a sweet feline… click on the photo for a larger image.

Please consider adopting a rescue animal: it will change your life.  And you might end up being rescued as well!