AT&T Park with Matt

San Francisco, California

I have some of the funnest friends EVER. Friends who are willing to print and scissor out silly little silhouettes of me, pack them up and fly them all over the world, then hold them up in public for a photo while simultaneously subjecting themselves to peculiar stares and snickers.

And yet, they happily do this because a) they think it will be fun, b) they love me enough to risk public embarrassment and/or c) they finally submit to my incessant pleas. Whichever combination, I love them all for it.

Last week, my high-school chum, Matt, brought Susie on a Stick with him to San Francisco.  Matt’s a well-experienced world traveler, so to be out and about in one of my favorite cities with one of my favorite peeps is truly a treat. In these photos, he escorts Susie to many of the areas’s most popular attractions. Thanks bunches, Matt! I love these photos!!! xoxos.