Instructions for Susie on a Stick

Step 1: Choose!

Select which Susie  you want by clicking on one of the following PDF files:

Susie 1.0

Susie 2.0

Susie 3.0

Step 2: Assemble!

  1. Before printing, you may need to adjust the page setup/settings to ensure that your Susie on a Stick prints on only one page.
  2. Once you’ve verified your page settings, print out the PDF file you selected and cut out along the black line.
  3. Using tape, glue, hairspray, a wee bit of breakfast jam or anything else that’s sticky, attach your Susie to (ahem) a stick.
  4. Don’t have a stick? No problem: grab a coffee stirrer, straw or plastic knife from the local coffee shop, convenience store or fast food place. A ruler works nicely as well!

Step 3: Use!

To use Susie on a Stick, pack and take her along on your journeys near and far, then simply position her in front of your camera with the subject still visible in the background, and shoot away! Please be sure to send me your photo, so I can post them on this site.

OH – and as a favor to me, please please please:

  • Don’t mistreat Susie on a Stick.
  • Don’t send me photos of your Susie on a Stick doing naughty things.
  • Don’t take Susie on a Stick anyplace you wouldn’t take me.
  • Recycle Susie on a Stick once you’re finished with her.  She makes a fabulous bookmark.
  • Be sure to read the disclaimers (!).