About Susie on a Stick

Susie on a Stick is the best travel companion you’ll ever have!

  • She doesn’t drag along any luggage.
  • She hardly eats anything.
  • She’s extremely flexible (literally and figuratively).
  • She won’t complain, whine, leave you with the tab or cause any delays.
  • She doesn’t cause problems at the TSA checkthrough.

Take my word: once you’ve traveled with Susie on a Stick, you’ll never want to travel with anyone else!

Care to give it a try?  Simply follow the instructions to get your own Susie on a Stick, pack me in there along with your important documents, jellybeans and undies, and let’s have some traveling fun!

Don’t forget to send me your photo to post on this site.  I want to see where the heck I have been…

Bon voyage, and thanks!