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Florida: Crossing the Streams

My yummy friend, Mike, sent me this photo over the weekend. Two different SOAS’s, each pointing at one another in astonishment whilst taped to his office file cabinet. I keep giggling over the thought of him occasionally looking up and seeing them there, gaping right back at him!

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Lowell, Massachusetts: A Pic of A Stick

A few weeks back, Lorene, a high-school friend of mine, took Susie on a Stick to work, or – more accurately, she took Susie on a Stick’s stick to work!  Even though the photo is sans Susie, I had to post only because it made me laugh out loud!

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Biker Susie on a Stick

Sitting here on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, snipping myself out of a photo to create another Susie on a Stick was not exactly my plan for today, but it took only a few minutes and will make my friends, Ellen and Lynne, very happy. So here it is. Enough said!

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A Custom Susie for Pris

My sister, Priscilla, is off to Walt Disney World in late June for a family vacation.  When I mentioned that she could bring along Susie on a Stick, she grew excited and immediately agreed. Yay!!!

WAIT, she then remarked. I will ONLY bring Susie if she’s wearing Mickey ears.

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Muir Woods

A Trinity of Susies

Never before has this occurred… or at least not that I am aware of. Three Susies in one place at the same time.

My friend, Matt, recently took Susie on a Stick to San Francisco and captured this amazing event at Muir Woods in Mill Valley. Good thing, else I’d never have believed it myself.

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In Person, sans SOAS

Friends often ask me why I don’t bring along Susie on a Stick when I go away… sigh.  Alas, I cannot.  And there is a a very good reason…

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