Austin, Texas

Today, Rick took Susie on a Stick to one of my favorite places: Austin.  Here she is at the Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial (he knows I worship at the Church of Stevie Ray).  Wish I were there!

I love this photo – and the person who took it for me.  Click HERE to see a larger version.

Click on the photo below to enlarge it as well.


  1. By the way, Rick was pretty creative: in the absence of a stick, this is a Susie on an Allen Wrench. Doesn’t sound as catchy, but it works…

  2. SRV!!! I was privileged enough to have seen him perform many times over the years – often in smaller venues, up close and personal. Got to witness the incredible transformation from his less-than-sober beginnings up through his clearer later days. What an amazing talent… miss ya tons, Stevie baby.

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