Super Bowl XLIX

I can’t believe how lucky I am that Susie on a Stick went to SUPER BOWL XLIX!!!

My brother-in-law Jay volunteered to take SOAS out to Arizona for all game festivities. And what fun it was to watch! Not to mention an amazing win in one of the most incredible Super Bowl games EVAH!!!!

It was funny watching Jay’s Facebook posts, since lots of people thought he was actually holding up a cutout of my sister (his wife) instead – which made me feel a little bad because she’s gobs prettier (and far less, well… fluffy!!) – but that didn’t take the pleasure away from seeing Susie out there. She even dared the Velcro Wall, thanks to Jay’s assistance!!

Of course, I made a special PATRIOTS Super Bowl version of Susie on a Stick – there was simply no way I could permit her to be underdressed at such an important event…

Still so giddy about it all – and I owe Jay a pot of his beloved Cheesy Potato soup as my thanks, which I’ll happily deliver next time I’m nearby. Meanwhile, here are the photos of Susie’s amazing Super Bowl adventure!

Thanks Jay – LOVE YOU!