Susie’s in Thailand – this is pure AWESOMENESS!!

Thanks to Matt and Patti (who have already happily escorted her to places near and far, bless them!), Susie on a Stick ventured to exotic Thailand just a few weeks ago. And what an amazing trip – check out these photos! Matt did mention that several places they visited weren’t entirely conducive for Susie: tigers would have ripped her up and elephants would have eaten her (they grab everything with those trunks). Yikes – glad she remained safe at the hotel!

I especially love the photo of local kiddos having fun with SOAS. Their tour company asked if they’d bring along supplies for a school they support, so Matt and Patti I lugged around notebooks, pens, pencils and a pencil sharpener – and Susie was happy to hand them out.

Then there’s that terrific sign! Turns out that a local farmer wanted to sell his produce while promoting safe sex. Great sales tactic!

Thanks lots, guys – – I love these pics!! xoxos