Florence, Italy

Porca puttana – Susie on a Stick is in Florence!  Amongst other European destinations, photos of which are on their way, thanks to my damn-she’s-so-adorable cousin, Ethna and her man, Ver-Nard.

Oh, magical Florence… I have not seen you in years – and yet here’s Susie with Ver-Nard at the Ponte Vecchio, clearly atonished by all its beauty! Click HERE to see a larger image.

Shown below on the LEFT, the naked gentleman is a copy of Michelangelo’s famous David sculpture. Ethna writes that you “apparently need to book several months in advance to see the real thing and we both know Susie doesn’t have time for all that. So here were are with the next best thing. By the way, Susie’s expression given the background? Priceless.” I agree; male appendage often shocks me…

On the RIGHT, Susie’s with another naked guy.  Apparently, Ethna’s building on a theme here…!

Click the images below for larger versions… then click HERE to read Ethna’s funny story about her Susie.

Thanks sooooo much, guys… sending love!


A copy of Michelangelo’s
famous David sculpture.
Another naked dude.