London, United Kingdom

Fancy this, folks – Susie is in London!  My sew-gorgeous Facebook friend, Elizabeth, continues her travels across the Atlantic pond with Susie in tow – – er… on a stick!

Here’s Susie being (not so forcibly) taken to the Tower of London.  I think you’re right, Elizabeth: she does appear scared…!  Click HERE for a larger image.

More yummy photos below – click on them for larger versions.

Once again, Elizabeth, I’m off my trolley with thanks! Safe travels, my friend… xos


Tower Bridge… which
is not falling, by the way.
Caught on film.
(Google it if you’re curious!) 
Susie at Hampton Court Palace

Yikes, maties – I’m on a
real pirate ship!
Buckingham Palace!
Susie overwhelmed by
King Henry VIII’s pad,
Hampton Court Palace