The ParthenonThe Parthenon


Back in July, Ethna and Ver-Nard took Susie on a Stick with them as they galavanted throughout Europe.  I recently received these photos of Susie’s escapades in the beautiful country of Greece. I love these photos – and these people!
Here’s Ethna’s descriptions of these yummy photos (click on them for a larger version):
  • Susie at the Acropolis.  Here’s Susie with the Parthenon in the background, which is currently undergoing some renovations/preservation. Then there is Susie in front of the temple of Athena and Nike. It was an incredibly hot day in Athens, but as always, we had Susie to thank for a breeze.
  • At the Acropolis subway station where Susie was visibly shocked to find yet another European gentleman without any type of clothes on. I suppose this was the least of the worries though, as he appears to be missing other important elements as well.
  • Susie on the island of Milos. We spent three nights on Milos where Susie got to visit the beach and take ferry. In this picture Susie is at the ferry quay showing us the traditional buildings in the town of Adamas.
  • Susie and the famous caldera cliffs of Santorini.
  • Susie drunk (off the breeze, but nonetheless) at a swanky cafe which was playing swanky cafe music in the background (bongo-themed remix of Smooth Operator anybody?). FYI: Ver-Nard wants you to know that that the music was ‘smooth as dark chocolate rubbed with olive oil and as mellow as a cat high on marijuana.’ (LOVE IT!).
  • Susie, sobered up after a Freddocino (why are Greeks obsessed with this drink?).
  • Susie on the caldera with the Santorini donkey and the volcanic islands in the back ground.
  • Susie on a farm in the mountains of Crete! Still quite hot and sunny, but also very rugged and very beautiful.
Thanks to you both – Susie sure looks like she had lots of fun!