Newbury, New Hampshire: Got Stick?

Last month, I bought a few bags of popsicle sticks to make a mini catapult (don’t ask me why… that I even think such things is one of life’s mysteries, right up there with how corn kernels can exit the body still perfectly intact).

Anyhow, I was sitting there with the open bag last week, sticks in hand, when the thought shot from my brain clear across the room at faster-than-light speed and bounced back to smack me on the right side of the head: I should use these sticks for Susie.

Within minutes, I ordered a stamp online ($11.25 including shipping!), which I received a few days ago.

Here’s the result: teeny little marketing promos for pennies a piece – maybe even less than pennies a piece, since these little Susie props were $4.00 for a quantity of 200. Not sure though… you do the math: I suck at it.

Click HERE for a larger image.

I love my new Susie sticks!  Can’t wait to hand them out and see what transpires!!