Antioch, Illinois

This morning, I sent out a call on my Facebook page for any who might be willing help Susie as she hadn’t been out for a while, and all kinds of wonderful responses ensued.  This is the first, from the always delightful and delicious Ellen. (No, not THAT Ellen – but THIS Ellen is just as fun and funny!)

Ellen decided to give Susie a girlie tour of her lovely boudoir – with the faithful Indie tagging along. After everyone was appropriately attired, she took Susie along with her on a few errands. Click on any of the images below for a larger view.

This reads more like a little adventure, thanks to Ellens wonderful captions (with some apparently told to her by Susie).

Thanks bunches, Ellen – these photos are a riot! Can’t wait until I am there personally (perhaps over the summer?). No need to change out of those jammies – just get out the Scrabble board, call Lynne and stock up the bar! xoS

Wow, Ellen has sunshine today! And wind!!! Thus our adventure begins…

BONBONS!!! Oh… bummer… that’s not breakfast.

Somebody has a jewelry obsession… time to choose a necklace for the day!

OOOOHHHH sparkly!!! But a bit much, when you add the necklace and a scarf. Maybe  we’ll save this for the next foray to WalMart. Welllll…  maybe the small tiara will work…

Sadly, this is as close to Hawaii as we’re gonna get with Ellen.

Hmm… seems like Ellen  is also obsessed with scarves.  Let’s pick a good one!

OMG!!! This woman is still in her jammies after 10am… her CHRISTMAS jammies!!! Looking mahvelous, of course.

Ellen, Indie and Susie – ain’t we a fab-looking trio!

Indie’s warmed up to Susie…

Every grand adventure is  made better in a Beetle. Especially one populated by rubber duckies. And copious amounts of dashboard dust.

Realizing the need to obtain funding for the grand adventure (or at least gas money to get us out of Antioch), we found ourselves at an ATM. ATM in this instance stands for “Amazingly, there’s money.”

Here we are cruising down  the road in the automotive wonder  named Rosie. She’s a bright red VW Beetle. Did you ever  think how difficult it is to sneak inconspicuously through town in a bright red VW Beetle? You know  there’s a problem when the local undertaker asks you how your car is doing when he sees you at a funeral.

WAIT – are we buying more jewels??? Another tiara, perhaps?? No, just food. This is the grocery store that Elen’s family has shopped at since she was about 6. They must have really good stuff! She drives there to take her brother shopping (he does not drive). Ellen’s a good bean; she loves her brother.

This Ellen’s brother’s house –  the one she lived in until she was 26 (notice I did not say “the house she grew up in”…  still hasn’t managed to do that).

And so ends our special day together!