Washington D.C.

If you are a regular follower of Susie on a Stick, you’re already familiar with my BFBF* Elizabeth, who willingly and happily takes Susie on a Stick to lots of fun places.  Last weekend, Elizabeth and the little boy who lives with her visited our nation’s capital for a weekend road trip – and you can just guess who went along!

Alright – so she didn’t snag any photos of SOAS at your typical DC destinations… but don’t we all have plenty of them.  What with all the visiting, fabric shopping, lugging around bags and occupying a small boy, I’m amazed she had time to snap these shots!  Here’s Susie at the National Gallery of Art, accompanying Elizabeth and her friends Sara and Pete for lunch at The Diner, and enjoying a killer margarita at Oyamel. Click on the images below for larger versions.

As always, thanks bunches, Elizabeth! xoxos

* Best FaceBook Friend