UPDATED!!  For the past few months, Rick’s been traveling back and forth to Leuven, a beautiful city located about 15 miles east of Brussels. Yesterday, he took Susie on a Stick for a romp about town! (more…)



Susie’s in Thailand – this is pure AWESOMENESS!!

Thanks to Matt and Patti (who have already happily escorted her to places near and far, bless them!), Susie on a Stick ventured to exotic Thailand just a few weeks ago. (more…)


Super Bowl XLIX

I can’t believe how lucky I am that Susie on a Stick went to SUPER BOWL XLIX!!!

My brother-in-law Jay volunteered to take SOAS out to Arizona for all game festivities. And what fun it was to watch! Not to mention an amazing win in one of the most incredible Super Bowl games EVAH!!!! (more…)

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